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Handmade by incredible artisans in the colonial town on Leon, Ala Pilar’s mission is a merger of art with functionality, a blend of California cool with Latin soul.


Designed in Los Gatos, California and crafted by hand in Leon, Ala Pilar is a woman-owned business founded by Lindsey Albanese. Lindsey is committed to instilling enduring quality and a timeless aesthetic in all of her Ala Pilar silhouettes.


Ala Pilar pieces are sold at the company’s flagship boutique in Los Gatos, California, at luxury boutiques throughout the United States and at




Ala Pilar was founded in 2013 by Lindsey Albanese and a childhood friend from Mexico City, both practicing attorneys in need of a creative outlet.  Frustrated by the increasing difficulty of finding "wow" pieces to make her wardrobe pop, Lindsey designed the original collection with a focus on material and function. Having taken the helm in 2016, Lindsey continues her pursuit to bring functional and unique pieces of art to admirers of artisan leather goods.


Each silhouette in Lindsey's annual collection is designed to embolden the wearer's individuality and aesthetic self. Ala Pilar is equally committed to enhancing the lives of its patrons as well as the skilled artisans who handcraft the bags.


Interior design has grown organically alongside the Ala Pilar brand, and Lindsey curates custom interiors for friends, family and new clients. At the core of her process lies a passion for creating spaces that reflect a family's specific personality and enhance their at-home lifestyle.  


Now a mother of three young children, Lindsey loves  to equip others with the means to express themselves creatively and beautifully within their homes and through their sartorial choices. 

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“When you feel inspired, you are your most authentic self.”

—Lindsey Albanese, Founder, Ala Pilar

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