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About Ala Pilar


Ala Pilar’s mission is to bring beauty, individuality and practicality to people, inspiring them to feel as empowered, stylish and as unique as the bags themselves.


 Ala Pilar offers a collection of one-of-a-kind leather handbags and accessories that artfully blend contemporary California style with Latin soul.


Based in Los Gatos, California, Ala Pilar is a woman-owned business founded by Lindsey Albanese.

Lindsey is committed to instilling the enduring quality and style of artisan craft in all of her Ala Pilar bags.


Ala Pilar handbags are sold at the company’s flagship boutique in Los Gatos, California, at luxury boutiques throughout the Western United States and at AlaPilar.com.

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The Founder


Ala Pilar was founded in 2013 by Lindsey Albanese, at the time a practicing attorney who was frustrated by the increasing difficulty of finding unique pieces to ground her wardrobe.


In need of a creative outlet, Lindsey founded Ala Pilar to bring beautiful, practical and unique bags to admirers of artisan leather goods.


Lindsey designs each piece in her annual collections to empower her enthusiasts to be inspired by their individuality and aesthetic selves.


Lindsey is devoted to enhancing the lives of those who carry her bags as well as the people who handcraft the bags.


Now a mother to two young daughters, Lindsey designs and sells Ala Pilar bags and creates Ala Pilar interiors that emanate the feeling of California style with Latin soul.

Our Why


Ala Pilar’s purpose is to inspire and empower people to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.

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“When you feel inspired, you are your most authentic self.”

—Lindsey Albanese, Founder, Ala Pilar